The foundation of my drawings begin with the sketches. They are the initial spark or thought of ideas. They are a source of inspiration when applied to formal techniques and materials. Some are immediately applied and developed and some live in the sketchbooks forever. Most are responsible for the projects that keep me involved in working. Some sketches are intended for the "illustration button" where they may or may not be applied.

"That Mona Lisa Memory" November 2001

"Scientists plant Receptors in cerebellum"
"Three Modes of Protein Propulsion"
"Registration of a flavor in memory"
"Two rapid interiors "

"Beads of sweat "
"Lung X-ray " December 1999
"Hydraulic teeth and throat "
"Skin cell injection " November 2001

"X-Ray Series " October 2001
"Oxygen Consumption" November 2001

"Frontal Lobe" November 2002
"Sprint Test 1"

"Sprint Test 2"

"Believing is Seeing (technorganic chip)"

"Design for a Diet Control Stomach"
"Memory Lapse and Incoming Information" April 2002
"Anti Smoking X-Ray" February 2002

"Design for Susan DeMersseman" October 1999
"Remote Surgery Bypass #2 Version" October 2000
"Open Minded: Electronic Surgery"November 2001

"Artificial Future Series:Replacement Respiratory" March 2001

"Ear, Nose and throat Diagram" October 6, 2004
"Neurotransmitter to Organs" November 2000
"Open Minded: Electronic Surgery"November 2001

"Dreamreader and Vision Calculator" October 2000

"Stupid Solutions: Manufacturing Brain Cells" November 1999
"Technorganic chip" October 1999
"Optic Nerve and Interpretation" February 2001

"Odor Interpreter: Ear, Nose, Throat. Temporal Lobe" November 2000

"Ink fence study"
"Ink Tree surface Study"
"Shrub Study 1"

"Shrub Study 2"
"COX-2 Inhibitor Relay"
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